Blagovest’s Bells in the News

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“One stroke and I was a believer”—
St Nicholas community won over by new blagovestnik

As it says in the gospels, “Some doubted.” And they stayed skeptical, if not downright opposed, right up until the very end. All it took, though, was to hear the tongue set that 3000-pound of bronze ringing for the first time....

'Most sonorous' bell of all Russia is recast (35 tons)
One of our suppliers has cast a 35 metric (38.5 US) ton bell to replace the festal blagovestnik of St Sabbas Storozhevsky Monastery in Zvennigorod, for 350 years considered to be the most sonorous in all of Russia. When the foundry was preparing to cast the bell, two crosses of cloud appeared in the blue sky...

New Russian bells at Xeropotamou, Mount Athos
Pyatkov & Co. installed new bells at the historic monastery of Xeropotamou, on Mount Athos. This monastery is not far from St Panteleimon's (Russian) Monastery, whose bells are considered the best on Mount Athos. So, when the fathers at Xeropotamou decided to restore their zvonnitsa, they chose to set up their bells in the Russian manner....

'Bells of repentance' needed for Church-on-the-Blood
The Archbishop of Ekaterinburg has blessed us to help get bells for a new church that will commemorate the murder of the Royal Family. The church is to be consecrated on the anniversary of this event this coming July. Pyatkov & Co., which is located near Ekaterinburg and which has supplied bells for numerous of our clients, is casting the bells. The church needs your support....

Russian Navy donates bells to Philadelphia church
In the late 1800's, a Philadelphia shipyard built two of the largest and most famous ships of the Russian Imperial Navy-- the Varjag, whose heroic demise in the Russo-Japanese War is still the stuff of legend in both Russia and Japan, and the Retvizan.

Pravda's advice on where to by a church bell
The second All-Russian exhibition of bells opened in Yaroslavl. The exhibition presents works of bell-founders from the Russian cities of Voronezh, Tutayev, Kamensk-Uralsky, and Moscow [including, among others, Pyatkov & Co., ZiL, and Vera LLC, which are all represented in America by Blagovest Bells].

The bells of St. Michael's ring out as dream comes true in Pueblo church Slowly, proudly, Helen Lasareff-Mironoff traces the outline of her father-in-law's face, a saint recogonized by members of the Orthodox religion both in Pueblo and in Russia. (Pueblo, Colorado Chieftain, November 18, 2002)

Pyatkov & Co.— Putting the Music Back in the Towers
When Leonid Brezhnev was buried back in 1982, the Kremlin ordered every church bell in the country to be rung in remembrance. It would have been impressive, if not for one thing: Most of the bells were gone...

New, bronze Russian bells to ring in the holy season
A small but exquisite set of Vera Bells comes to a tiny new Orthodox mission on California's Central Coast, as reported by the San Luis Obispo Tribune, November 24, 2001.

Seattle hears sound of old Russia;
bells custom-made for Orthodox cathedral

The fifteenth set of Pyatkov bells imported by Expanding Edge LLC went into Seattle's St. Spyridon Cathedral on April 23, 2000. Read about it in the Seattle Times!

Russian Bells Hit High Notes at Church Assembly!
Pyatkov Bells are Making News! Read about our exhibition of bells at the XII All-American Council of the Orthodox Church in America in this article from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Wednesday, July 28, 1999.