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Yes, you can actually see and hear Russian bells in action— both the ones we're offering, and Russia's greatest and most sacred historical bells as well. And you even get to see how bells are made! Interested? You can order online or, for more info, or read on!

Russia’s bell music— risen again!

CBS aired a marvelous piece on the morning of Pascha 2001 about the resurrection of bell music in Russia. We couldn't have asked for anything better! In fact, a number of the interviewees were even friends of ours. So we were able to purchase this footage and to include it as the first portion of our tape.

Glimpse how bells are cast, and learn about how you can get them!

The second segment is a tape we produced in 1999, when we were first starting out. Thanks to a very professional studio, it turned out quite well, and although we've grown a bit and some of the corporate info could be updated— for instance, at the time we were working only with Pyatkov & Co., but now we represent several foundries— this part nonetheless remains valuable and interesting:

You get to see some of the founding process (we know a foundryman who was quite impressed), and we discuss the quality of the bells we're offering, and the reasons why people want Russian bells.

We also show the seven bells that we got for our own parish, in action. Well, that's outdated too— we now have eight! But those original seven were among the first of almost 200 of Russia's new bells to come to America.

Rare archival footage of Russia's most sacred bells

The third segment is some rare archival footage from a 1950's Soviet documentary entitled Memories of Great Rostov. Here you will see the last (then-) living pre-Revolutionary zvonars ringing a full Yegorievsky zvon on the bells at Velikij Rostov— where the big bell, Sisoy, weighs some 70 US tons. You have to see this to believe it— the cinematography is outstanding, the ringing is remarkable, and it's really something to see those old zvonars weeping on one of the few occasions they ever got to practice one of Holy Russia's great traditions publicly. Even after pooh-poohing the idea, as was de rigeur for Soviet tv, that there is anything especially spiritual about Russian bell music! To be honest, we could wish for a little higher sound quality, but you'll get the idea just fine. It's a privilege to share one of the few glimpses on record of Russia's great pre-Revolutionary bell tradition, played on Russia's most sacred bells!

The tape is about a half-hour long, which is just about right. Even people who aren't particularly interested in getting bells find it fascinating.

How to order

We used to give our video away for free, but since we added the first and third segments, the cost of production has tripled and it now costs about $20 each to bring them to you. So although we'd like to keep giving them away, we can no longer really afford to (what can we say? Buy bells!) So we're asking $19.95, just to defray costs. Just click to email us, or order online, if you want one— we have no doubt you'll be happy with it, but if not, you can send it back for a full refund.

Whether you want the tape or not, we'll be happy to send you some printed matter regarding our bells, the Russian bell tradition, price lists, etc. There's no obligation, of course— we just think the tape and the other material is something you'll really want to see and own. Great for Sunday school classes too!

If at this time you're not sure you want the video— although really, you'll love it— we'll be happy to send you our printed information by itself. There's no charge or obligation for that. Just or order online if you want it.

If you do want the tape, we'll invoice you when we send it, and you can just send us a check for $19.95 when you get it. Again, if not fully satisfied, just return it in good condition, for a full refund.

We're sure you'll keep it, though.