Valdai bells ring forever pure and tender

Bells are bright and delightful gifts for both grown-ups and kids.

And Valdai bells would never be overlooked among the other gifts under the tree or next to the cake.

We're just in the process of getting some beautiful, tiny bells from Valdai, specially made with icons cast on them for your icon corner, or with hand-painted Christmas and winter themes, which will make very special Christmas gifts and ornaments.

We don't offer bells of cheap brass or pressed sheet metal, even at these sizes! These bells are pure bronze, just like the big ones used in church, and they ring with a marvellous, crystalline, tender, pure chime. These are genuine Valdai bells, famous in Russia as carriage-drivers' bells for centuries!

And we have had the foundries specially create some "mini church bells"— extraordinary, tiny bells that are just like the big ones in the great zvonnitsi of Russia in every way! Imagine how lovely these would be in your icon corner, or hanging in a place of honor on your tree!

Just if you're interested in these bells!

Bells of legend and song

Here's the full story on these remarkable bells: During the 15th century, Ivan III put an end to Novgorod's sovereignty and ordered the Veche Bell, the city's main symbol, transferred to Moscow.

But legend has it that on its way to Moscow, while passing the Valdai Hills, the Veche Bell broke into pieces that scattered in all directions and turned into the tiny, clear Valdai bells which were prized by coachmen throughout Russia and became the constant motif not only of Russia's roads but of many of her folk songs as well.

These tiny "drivers' bells" were once specially chosen in harmonious sets to adorn the harnesses of Russia's famous troikas or three-horse sleighs. They were prized for their beautiful sound, which not only warned other drivers of oncoming traffic, but made every journey a uniquely musical experience!

Their height and diameter are about 2 inches (5 cm); they weigh 90 gm of pure bronze.

Bells of quality

Valdai bells have the classical tulip shape of real bells, in which the height is equal to the diameter. They are specially cast from Valdai's traditional bronze formula, which is over 500 years old— pure bell bronze, not brass or some other cheap metal— and their clear, crystalline tone is instantly discernable from the bells that used to fascinate us as children at the five & dime.

Their sound can only be described as tender and pure. You will love it immediately.

To call them long-lasting would be an exercise in pure understatement, considering that bells of just this size still exist, which are almost 4000 years old! Here's a gift that will be seen and heard by your great great great grandchildren— and their children will be just as impressed and delighted with them, as you are. And they will hear the very same sounds you hear!

Bells for your icon corner

Valdai bells would beautifully complement your icon corner and in fact can be ordered with icons on them— Christ, the Holy Virgin, and St. John the Baptist, making a unique "deesis" set.

In standard form, you can get them either with an icon hand-painted in tempera (the same paint used for Russian icons) or art-cast in relief with an inscription in English, Slavonic, or Greek as shown above. Or you can have your own cast just for you or your loved ones!

Fairy-tale bells

You can also get these bells with hand-painted miniatures of a troika (Russian sleigh), Christmas or New Year themes, a country house in the winter, Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden, themes from Russian folklore, etc. Valdai bells are wonderful, crisp-sounding, sweet toys— the tiny, lively, lovely bells of fairy-tales!


But there's more!— Now you can even order a custom inscription with the name of your loved one, a few words (about 33 letters long) from the Bible, a commemmorative date— you name it! We're looking into the possibility of custom iconography.

Iif you want to order, or if you have any questions, just !