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Russian bells

Edward V. Williams, The Bells of Russia: History and Technology (Princeton University Press: 1985) is simply the definitive resource on Russian bells and bell-making in Russian culture. Professor Williams is the dean of the Music Department at Penn State, and has recently completed the manuscript of a second study examining and interpreting the sacred and secular roles of bells in Muscovy and Imperial Russia. In addition, he has written articles on Byzantine chant. You can read a review of Prof. Williams' book by Michele E. Prokopchak here.

See also H.J. Fletcher, The First Book of Bells (Franklin Watts, New York: 1959). "Everything you need to know about bells."

The Lutheran Book of Worship supplement, "Occasional Services", pp. 260-62 contains a brief discussion on bell ringing, tolling, and pealing in worship and preparing for worship in the Lutheran tradition.

A couple of valuable Russian-language resources:

V.G. Sharikov, V. Naumov, V.V. Zaitsev, P.G. Markelov, D.V. Smirnov, and A.L. Chebotarov, Prakticheskoe Rukovodstvo dla Zvonarei Pravoslavnykh Khramov (Moscow: 1997).

Russian Institute of the History of the Arts, Muzika Kolokolov: Sbornik Iccledovanii i Materialov, Seriya Traditionnaya Instrumentalnayua Muzyka Evropy i Azii, vyp. 2 (St. Petersburg: 1999).

Chinese bells

Lothar von Falkenhausen, Art History Department, University of California at Los Angeles

Books and Monographs

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Klangvorrat fur die Nachwelt: Neun chinesische Bronzeglocken in der Sammlung Ludwig. To be published by the Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst, Cologne, Fall 2000.

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