A Statement by Danilov Monastery

Translated from the website of the organizing committee
for the monastery’s 700th anniversary:

The Danilov Monastery bells have the greatest artistic/musical value, with one of the largest places in both art and science." —Constantine Saradjeff.

The Danilov Monastery bells are one of only four intact pre-Revolutionary sets of bells left. Those at Rostov, Vologda, Pskov Pechersky Lavra, and Tallinn are the other four. This set is uniquely important for Russian science, culture, and history, both ecclesiastical and civil.

Now that the great 700th jubilee of the monastery has come, it needs more than ever to regain the holy things it has lost— including its beautiful voice— the voice which witnessed the monastic struggles of our spiritual leaders, and of the newly canonized martyrs and confessors of the Danilov Monastery; the voice which sounded during the burial services for Gogol, Khomiakov, and Yazykov.

Just today, at the 7th centennial of the righteous Prince Daniel, when the attention of the Russian public is focused on the monastery, it is necessary and it is possible to take decisive steps. Moscow's first monastery, where the Patriarch has his residence, is worthy to have its own bells returned.


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