Patriarch Pavle consecrates bells for Belgrade’s St Sava Cathedral

Belgrade, Nov. 24 2001

Patriarch Pavle, concelebrating with a number of other bishops, priests and deacons of the Serbian Orthodox Church, consecrated 49 new bells for St Sava Cathedral in Vracar on Saturday.

The service, held at the entrance to the cathedral, was attended by Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, the Serbian ministers of justice and religion, Vladan Batic and Vojislav Milovanovic and Yugoslav deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus, as well as several hundred members of the public.

Patriarch Pavle told the assembled people that the bells were consecrated so that they could "glorify God and invite man to do so, just as our forefathers used to do both in times of peace and of war, in bondage and at all times."

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church called on believers to look up to their sanctified predecessors and holy martyrs in order to find meaning, fulfill the mission of their life, help their families and bring glory to their names. They would in that way also help their people ridden by difficulties and adversities. 

Djindjic expressed satisfaction at the continuation of the hundred-year-long construction of the Cathedral. He pointed out that the Serbian government had set aside part of its funds for the completion of building works and that "money would pose no obstacle in the future." He expressed hope that the crypt would be completed by Christmas, and that stone coating of the interior would start soon, which would mark the beginning of the final stage. 

“These bells will be ringing on Christmas 2002, which I expect to be a special holiday for the entire Serbian people,” Djindjic said after the consecration of 49 bells, cast in the Austrian foundry "Grassmayr", with the support of numerous donations.


St. Sava Church receives bells

Belgrade, Nov. 23, 2001 - All 49 bells for St. Sava Church, the biggest of which weighs 6.2 tonnes, arrived at the church's construction site on Thursday. The bells will toll the hymn to St. Sava on next Christmas.

The bells were made in the Grassmayr Bell Foundry in Innsbruck, Austria. The four largest are decorated with four reliefs depicting St. Sava's image and an angel head, whcih is the foundry's trademark.

Serbian Minister of Construction Dragoslav Sumarac said the crypt of the church, which has been under construction for a hundred years, should be completed by Christmas, and that the construction works will be completed by 2004.

"I am convinced that the Serbian government will also assist in the church construction," said Sumarac. "Significant financial assistance will be provided by a consortium comprising 22 firms and a fund for the crypt and the church, both set up on Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic's initiative."


Courtesy of the Serbian Government Website