Blagovest Russian Bells
. Christmas, 2003 News and announcements from America's only importer of Russia's premiere church bells
. The Blagovestnik, no. 3
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Byzantine bells you can own!

We've recently acquired a set of 14 ancient bells which date from the 6th-7th century or earlier in the Balkans. We're offering them to you at a price that says "buy!"— and these are the only ones we're likely ever to see.

We fully guarantee their authenticity. This is a rare opportunity for all you lovers of Byzantium— and what a great way to inspire and reward a big donation to your church's bell fund!

Last-minute Christmas shopping? We know it's late, but we'll do our best to help, if you gotta have 'em by the 25th— but do act fast!


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Glory to Jesus Christ!

Now that our editor (um, that's me!) has returned from a mission with the Orthodox Church of Uganda, it's time for a new issue of the Blagovestnik. Lots of interesting things have happened since our last newsletter last Pascha!

Be sure not to miss the real Byzantine bells that you can own (see left). Also, be sure to download the latest installment of the official Typikon for Church Bell Ringing— this update includes the rubrics for Christmas (find it at the Quick Link below).

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Ok, here's the news——

Will Harvard's Lowell House bells return to Russia?
After years of clicking a link on a website to hear the bells of their monastery— one of only 5 complete sets of pre-Revolutionary bells remaining in existence, and currently owned by Harvard University— a delegation of monks from Moscow's Danilov Monastery got to ring them in person, for the first time in more than 70 years this month.

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'Most sonorous' bell of all Russia is recast (35 tons)

Vera LLC, one of our suppliers, has cast a 35 metric (38.5 US) ton bell to replace the festal blagovestnik of St Sabbas Storozhevsky Monastery in Zvennigorod, for 350 years considered to be the most sonorous in all of Russia. When the foundry was preparing to cast the bell, two crosses of cloud appeared in the blue sky...

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"One stroke and I was a believer"— San Anselmo installs new 3000-lb blagovestnik

As it says in the gospels, "Some doubted." And they stayed skeptical, if not downright opposed, right up until the very end. All it took, though, was to hear the tongue set 3000 pounds of bronze ringing for the first time...

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Anti-noise advocate sues San Francisco church over 'bells'

The 'bells' of a San Francisco church ring too loud and too often for someone who lives half a block away. Not really bells, but loudspeakers, their sound is "as loud as your alarm clock every 15 minutes" on Sunday, complained Mr. Alan Coe, who filed suit in SF's Small Claims Court. The judge dismissed the suit, but it raises interesting questions about bell ringing in the city. Get the whole story (not just what the papers told you)— and our comments, with which Mr. Coe has told us he in fact agrees....

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