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. The Blagovestnik, no. 2
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Bell Ringing Heals Illness and Depression

Patriarchal Zvonar Igor Konovalov seriously states that bell-ringing actually heals illness. Many times he has seen a ringer go up into the bell tower sick and come down well....


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Glory to Jesus Christ!

Our main news this month (in the nick of time, with apologies!) is the next installment of the official Bell- Ringers' Typikon, published by the Moscow Patriarchate (see "Zvonar's Corner", below). The translation now includes the rubrics for Great Week and Pascha, plus important general information.

We also have an article on the health effects of bells. We're always a little sceptical ourselves, but there actually are a number of other studies not mentioned here....

And the Diocese of Ekaterinburg is still looking for help with the big bells for the Church On The Blood of the Royal Martyrs.

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Zvonar's Corner: Ringing for Great Week and Pascha
Each issue of this newsletter will contains tips for bell-ringers and other practical matters in the Orthodox tradition.

In this issue, just (barely!) in time for the Great Triduum and Pascha, we present the different kinds of ringing which the "Typikon for Church Bell Ringing", newly published by the Moscow Patriarchate, specifies for those periods.

Some of these rules presuppose knowledge of the zvons known as perebor and perezvon, and we have added these as well. These are also used at funerals and other occasions.

Everything translated to date is available at the link below, or you can order a copy of the Typikon itself (in Russian) from the secure shopping page on our website.

Be sure to write to us if you have any questions about Orthodox bells and bell traditions!

Our purpose is to promote not just bells, but Tradition!

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'Bells of repentance' still needed for Church-on-the-Blood

The Archdiocese of Ekaterinburg is still seeking donors for the bells of a new church to be consecrated on the site of the murder of the Tsar and his family, this coming July.

The Pyatkov & Co. foundry has cast the smaller bells at its own expense. But the Archdiocese needs an additional $200,000 for the 9-ton "blagovestnik" (the main bass bell), and 5-ton "polyeley" bell.

Please contribute through our website. Just go to our secure shopping cart, and offer any amount you wish. One hundred percent of the money we collect will go directly toward casting the needed bells.


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