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"Much to our dismay several people had not known about our fundraising, and offered more funding!"

Christ is Born!

Dear John, I went and picked up the bells at JFK Airport on Saturday! We arrived back here (Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church, Waterbury, CT) just as Saturday Evening Vespers was ending.

Several young people helped to unload the crate, which weighed 236 lbs. With the help of a crowbar, hammer, and a few excited young bellringers the crate was opened and bells removed.

Immediately the bells were given a little extra polishing and placed in our church hall for admiration and examination by everyone on Sunday morning.

Much to our dismay several people on Sunday had apparently not known about our fundraising for additional bells, and offered more funding! Oh well maybe a few more bells will be in order for the future! For now we are happy with the eight bells we have.

Everyone was eager to hear the tones of the bells on sunday morning. Many people waited in line just to get a chance to strike the smallest chime.

Quite a few people remarked on how it was a shame to stow such beautiful bells in our tower.(Our bell tower is connected to the church and almost totally enclosed with only one opening) I think that maybe a new bell tower will be in the planning stages very soon.

Father Joseph has encouraged the children to name the bells, but we have no official picks yet. I think I speak for everyone when I say, it was worth the wait!

Yours in Christ,

Rdr. Job A. Woodill
Christmas, 2000

Mr. Woodill, one of our East Coast Representatives, is the son of the Very Rev.Dr. Joseph A. Woodill Pastor of Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary Church Waterbury, CT. Job will teach bell ringing and has exhibited our bells at different functions.

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