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"Perfect" comes pretty close (but not even!)

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Well, the bells are here!!!!! Matushka and I picked them up at St Stephen's this afternoon. They are just beautiful and sound even better!!!!!!!!! But, never mind my bells, I wanted to tell you about the set for St. Stephens. Since seeing and ringing your bells at the All-American Council, I knew that they would be just beautiful..... well, these bells, with their icons were even better than I expected!!!!! The fine detail on the Theotokos and St Stephen are simply beyond words..... I knew the Pyatkov foundry was good..... but this was, well, PERFECT comes pretty close! Those bells are simply works of art! You have a parish of very happy excited people! They can't wait to get them up in a temporary mounting for Pascha.

Janet let me know that Detroit's bells are in. They are thrilled too! She mentioned about talking to her priest about my coming out to give a class! They also can't wait to get them set up! You are making alot of people very happy!

Again, my two bells are absolutly beautiful!

In Christ,

Fr Dn John Suchernick

Brick, New Jersey
April 14, 2000.

Father John is one of our East Coast representatives, and is ready, willing, and very able to help you with any questions about selection, mounting, and playing your bells. Call us to schedule training with him!

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